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Want to know how to get your book or beauty products in the running for our prestigious lavender seal? Here’s everything you need to know about submission.

by She's SINGLE Editors

May 1, 2022


Welcome to the second annual, She's SINGLE Best of Beauty & Book Awards! What is it? We award the best relationship books to authors with our lavender seal of approval along with the best beauty brand.

For Books!

We are looking for the most detailed, insightful, informative relationship book on the market today. This can be an indie author to one who is mainstream. Our editors will read your book cover to cover over the course of the next six months to carefully determine our winner.

We call on relationship experts who have been featured in our magazine to those who have contributed countless articles our readers have come to know and love - in pursuit of the best of the best. 

How to Submit Books for Consideration

List the books you'd liked to submit for Best Relationship Book, organized by Relationship categories: LGBTQ+ | Polyamory | Single Men | Single Women | Committed Relationship | Married | Friends with Benefits | Self-Love | Domestic Partnership | Boyfriend/Girlfriend. Order your submissions by launch date (newest to oldest), and email them to us at

For Beauty Brands!

Should it be revolutionary? Perhaps. But most importantly, it should wow our editors. Your product should transform the way we view beauty - from skincare to fragrance - we want products that have a "wow" factor. Products should have exemplary packaging, a full list of ingredients, impeccable design and a feel-good price point. 

List the beauty categories: Makeup | Skincare | Haircare | Fragrance

Order your submissions by launch date (newest to oldest), and email them to us at

You can submit a book or product with a launch date of anywhere between the dawn of time and September 2022 (it must be available for purchase by the holidays when the awards are announced). Once we review all submissions, we will reach out to request samples.

Note: there is a $125 non-refundable submission fee + applicable taxes & We are only accepting 50 submissions - act fast.

For the Winner!

The winner of the Lavender Seal award will receive a full two-page spread in our magazine | inclusion in our monthly newsletter | $500 in digital ad credit (October - January) | a full-review of their book and product & lastly, our lavender seal!

Submission Format for Authors; Non-BOLDNetwork Members:

  • Full Name:

  • Book Title:

  • Category:

  • Release Date:

  • Book PDF & Cover

  • PayPal Receipt

  • NDA (if needed)

Submission Format for Brands; Non-BOLDNetwork Members:

  • Full Name:

  • Product Title:

  • Product URL:

  • Category:

  • PayPal Receipt

If you are a BOLDNetwork Member, please contact us with your Membership Certificate for

FREE Entry.

2022 SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED. If you have any further questions, you can reach us at

Thank you

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