"Being a Bold Bachelorette to me means that you are a complete person whether you are looking for love or not. Living your best life in a sense, living what is beyond your wildest dream. For me, it means being the best servant of God that I can be, that I am dancing everyday, modeling, traveling whenever I can, and just being happy."
Summer Issue Photographed by Sam Eltosam, Styled by Lisa K. Stephenson, 2020
Fall Issue Photographed by James M. Johnson III, Styled by Debra Stubblefield, 2020

Balmain Icon Stripes Tank One-Piece Swimsuit, $430.90, Neiman Marcus; Notch Collar Roll Sleeve Blazer $108.00, Express, Pave Drop Earrings, $24.90; Express

High-Spirited and Glamorous are a couple of the adjectives we’d use to describe our cover girl, Ms. Lily Arlin. From practicing her facial expressions to studying materials found between the pages of your favorite fashion magazine, Lily’s got drive! With a long resume of human service related activities and professions, we couldn’t help but notice how benevolent and loving Lily Arlin really is: Dancer, Nurse, Fitness Instructor and Model, Lily’s got flair and time to give back, encouraging women to love the skin they’re in. On Instagram, Lily shares with her followers just how hard she works and more importantly, why, “Tip Monday: How does one improve? You study your craft!” exclaimed Lily. “I personally love reading books on posing and the tips from experts in the industry who made it. so much valuable information comes from books. I read and I apply. It’s like getting the inside secrets to make yourself more competitive in this market!” Wise words spoken from our first BOLDBachelorette. In an exclusive interview Lily bears it all, her truth, experiences with men and why she’s taking the time now to embrace her singledom.

BOLDBachelorette Question (1) Where did you grow up?


L.A. I grew up in D.C. Metropolitan Area (Silver Spring, MD). Such a diverse area of culture and history. Everywhere you turn in the area there is something of significance (the monuments, Black Historical trails, and the museums) and always something new to learn.


BOLDBachelorette Question (2) What is the weirdest question you've been asked?


L.A. This question came into my DMs on Instagram as soon as I created a business page to promote my petite modeling journey: “May I clean your apartment and cook all of your meals in exchange to bask in your beauty?” It was bizarre and literally out of the blue. I didn’t respond, I hit that beautiful block button feature that IG has.


BOLDBachelorette Question (3) What did you want to be when you were a kid?


L.A. As a kid, I wanted to be a News Anchor. I used to have a little desk and whenever my parents would come home from work, I would have them sit in front of my desk as I would tell them “This is Lillian with the Evening News…” then proceed to tell them the current events (e.g. whatever happened to me at school). Things changed in my teens when I discovered my true passions: modeling, and dance fitness. I love posing and just promoting health through dance (I’ve been dancing since I was 2 years old). I love seeing people be happy, healthy, and living their lives. Fitness allows people to be their best and I am happy I get to have a hand in that. It’s amazing that I am actually living my teenage dreams now that I am in my twenties. I believe anything is possible when you put in the work and believe in your abilities.


BOLDBachelorette Question (4) What are some common misconceptions about you?


L.A. People think I am actually extremely quiet and reserved. I guess that is true in the first fifteen minutes of meeting me. Once I am comfortable and get a sense of your vibe, I get loud, giggly, and start joking with people.


BOLDBachelorette Question (5) What is your favorite game?


L.A. Hands down...Organ Attack! It’s the health nerd/nurse in me. It’s a card game where 4 players are fighting to kill off each other’s organs with cards that inflict that particular organ (example, the myocardial infarction card inflicts the heart and you need another ailment card to completely eliminate that organ). Once all your organs ( you get 4) are gone, you’re eliminated. The person who wins is the one with at least one organ living wins. The cards are based off the Awkward Yeti comics (popular on Facebook). The cards have cute drawings of the organs and hilarious sayings on them. It’s definitely a game for my health buffs and medical people.


BOLDBachelorette Question (6) What is the dumbest way you've been injured?


L.A. Breaking my ankle in college for sure. I was so stressed out by my pathophysiology exam. I was studying my electrolytes and their imbalances hard and heavy. While on my way to take my midterm, I was looking over my cards and didn’t look where I was going. I fell over a (ankle height) coffee table that connected the couches in the lobby of my building. I immediately got up, I had attracted so much attention to myself...then boom! Fell back down and my ankle was completely twisted in. My nursing school professor came out and said “you need to go to the ER now.” Definitely freaked me out...let’s say for certain I didn’t take my midterm that day...

BOLDBachelorette Question (7) What would be your superpower?


L.A. Invisibility. There is something powerful about going unnoticed in a sense. Like Invisible Woman from Fantastic 4, she was powerful yet went unnoticed until it was the right moment for her. You make your power moves in silence, people not knowing what you’re up to until after the fact. Nowadays, social media can put every aspect of your life out there if you let it. I found more peace and success posting about my journey and victories after the fact (i.e. landing a modeling gig of my dreams or posting about my journey after I hit a major milestone and how I got there).


BOLDBachelorette Question (8) What pet would you love to have?


L.A. I would love to have a dog, like a black lab. Something loyal and loves to play. That breed is very friendly to people which is a major plus.


BOLDBachelorette Question (9) How do you go about inspiring others?


L.A. Let me start by stating I take every opportunity to be kind and to say something kind to anyone I meet. It doesn’t take a lot to be kind, but it is worth more than anything. I also try to share my modeling tips and write motivational posts on Instagram to help people keep grinding and chasing their dreams. Secondly, I teach  Dance Fitness, the choreography is intense, very technical, and at times can be complex. I love it when my students master the choreography. I break it down and build them up to master. I give them goals and tell them they are doing amazing. Each class they get better and better which boost confidence. It inspires my students to keep coming out of their comfort zone and to take on new challenges. Lastly, I go about inspiring others through my dance classes I offer at the gyms. I love giving my participants (mostly women) the space to feel empowered to move and isolate their bodies (mostly the hips) through my dance fitness. One of my students told me how she loved my classes because I gave her a space “to feel sexy and that it is okay to be sexy.” Another student told me “I always feel so pretty in your classes, you help make fitness beautiful”. Lastly, several students remarked how my classes have helped her lose inches off their waist and inspires them to keep dancing.


BOLDBachelorette Question (10) Are you good at accents?


L.A. I am definitely not good with accents. Eventually all my accents that I try to attempt sound the same. I am good at mimicking someone, but I have to be around them for a while to pick up on their inflections and mannerism.

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