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The She's SINGLE Brand — The Relationship Authority 


She’s SINGLE is everything for women, from news to advice, entertainment and motivation. She’s SINGLE looks to occupy a special place in the hearts of millions - it’s not just a magazine but her most trusted confidante, a brand that will revolutionize the magazine industry and become a cultural institution in the female community. Founded by African American author, Lisa K. Stephenson, her vision is that women continue to be celebrated and uplifted in a world where the goal is to seemingly eclipse us. 




SINGLE Magazine is the soon to be a primary source for prestigious relationship advice, fashion and beauty magazine for women. With its girlfriend-to-girlfriend tone, compelling and engaging editorial lineup and vibrant and modern design, SINGLE is the definitive voice of today’s dynamic woman. SINGLE speaks directly to a woman’s spirit, her heart and her unique concerns.

She's SINGLE New York

The Branndet App

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SHESSINGLEMAG.COM: Your Voice. Your Style. Your Life. is an expansive web destination aimed to be the ultimate online destination for women struggling to find themselves before or after their relationships. SHESSINGLEMAG.COM serves as the daily source for women-related news, entertainment and community, and reflects the intimate tone and approach of the esteemed SINGLE brand. As part of its daily content offerings, SHESSINGLEMAG.COM delivers engaging blogs, robust photo galleries, original video programming, and a substantial online community that we are building daily.

We want to empower women by embedding in them the richness of our community: Jazz, Literature, Education, Art and so much more…We hope to do this while simultaneously teaching women how to be better nurturers to their mates, after we’ve helped to guide them on completing their own self-assessment.

Where Women & Magic Meet!

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